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Are you or your company developing software? Yes...

Is your software trial or demo versions? Yes...

Have you tried protecting your software from illegal distributions? Yes...

Have you ever experience the agony of having your software cracked even though you tried your best to protect it? Yes...

Have you seen your own software being released in crack sites a few days after you release it? Yes...

Have you had users distributing their own registered copies of your software to their friends or worse still, to the public? Yes...

Have you paid for expensive software protection only to find that they don't work as well? Yes...

Have you had to constantly update your protection system due to it being cracked frequently? Yes...

If your answer is "YES" for any of the above, read on...

Protection starts from your demo version
  • Code-Lock is integrated into your demo version.
  • The only way your registered version can be created is via Code-Lock's ActiveX control.
  • If the Registration Code entered by your user is incorrect, Code-Lock will not work.
  • If the Registration Code entered is not meant for the particular computer, Code-Lock will not work.
  • If Code-Lock is removed from your demo version, your registered version will not be created.
Protection continues with your registered version
  • Code-Lock is integrated into your registered version.
  • Code-Lock's list of protections are meant to be placed in every part of your code during design time especially in the areas critical to your software's functions.
  • Code-Lock's protection is so secure that when your registered version is compiled, it will not even run on your computer unless you create the registered version via the demo version!
  • Your registered version is securely encrypted with correctly implemented up-to-date military strength encryption algorithm.
  • The resultant data file is distributed together with the demo version, therefore, your registered user does not have to download a registered version from anywhere else.
  • Your registered version will never be created without the correct Registration Code for obvious reasons.
  • Your registered version will not be run without Code-Lock.
Protection continues during registration
  • Code-Lock has built-in anti-debugging, anti-monitoring protections that targets specific cracking tools especially those meant to be used for visual basic cracking.
  • Code-Lock will create your registered version only when the Registration Code is correct.
  • Registration Code is specific for the particular computer and is invalid if used on another computer system.
Protection continues after registration
  • Your registered version is watermarked when it is created enabling you to trace to the particular user who might have tried releasing your registered version.
  • Your registered version will not run on any other computer other than the one it is created on.
  • Your registered version will not run or function correctly if there are any changes to its integrity or Code-Lock's, which implies that your registered version (or Code-Lock) has been altered by a cracker or a virus.

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