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  • Featuring CodeSecure Technology
  • Protecting your registered version securely until the correct registration code is entered
  • Uses state-of-art encryption algorithm to protect your registered version
  • Registration code will not be valid on another computer
  • Registered version of your program will run only on the computer it is created on
  • Multi-layered unique protections with integration between each layer
  • License file is created during creation of the registered version
  • Hidden traps specially laid for crackers
  • Hidden checks all over Code-Lock
  • Unique patch detection code that renders your registered version unusable
  • Two-way communications between your registered version and Code-Lock
  • Prevents several monitoring tools from working
  • Prevents dishonest buyers from getting a functional registered version

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Serial/License file protections
  • The software are, in effect, versions that can be patched to become registered versions.
  • Keygenerators made by crackers can be found for the software and will unlock the programs.
Demo protections
  • Users are allowed to try the demo version of the program.
  • Registered users will have to download a registered version upon registration.
  • A URL might be given to the user or the registered version is sent via email.
  • Vulnerable to being registered by a cracker and then distributed throughout the internet.
  • The registered version will run on any computer.
Wrappers/Encryptors protections
  • All encrypted executables need to be decrypted in memory before they can execute.
  • Cracker can copy the decrypted file from memory.
  • Once "dumped" from memory, the cracker can do whatever he wishes.
  • The file "dumped" might even be a full working program!
Protections that mess up the import table
  • Merely a hindrance to an inexperienced cracker.
  • Crackers have automated tools which will reconstruct the import table!

  • Code-Lock prevents the creation of the registered version without the correct registration code.
  • The registration code is not valid on another computer.
  • The registered version will only run on the registered user's computer.
  • There is no need to download a registered version by the registered user.
  • The registered version is watermarked and can be traced to the registered user.