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Imagine your software fully integrated with an advance secure software protection system that detects the slightest change in your software. Any alterations would trigger a cascade of reactions ranging from software errors to software shutdown. Imagine the same powerful protection securing every part of your software. Your software will never be more secure.

Code-Lock uses CodeSecure technology to fulfill this dream. CodeSecure is designed with the aim of preventing cracker from cracking your software. CodeSecure features numerous powerful protections that either function independantly or with the help of your software. CodeSecure's advance protections are inter-linked at multiple levels ensuring that when the cracker attempts to attack it, all the protections will set in, rendering your software unusable.

CodeSecure is fully integrated into your software at design time so that your compiled program and CodeSecure becomes one. A cracker will not be able to remove CodeSecure without disabling your software. Your software will not work without CodeSecure. It is time for you to stop using your weak protections and secure your software with Code-Lock.

CodeSecure's advance unique design prevents a cracker from writing another ActiveX control to replace Code-Lock. Any attempts will render your software unusable.

CodeSecure securely encrypts your software with state-of-art encryption. Your software will only be created when the correct registration code is entered. CodeSecure ensures that the registration code is computer dependant, preventing your registered user from sharing the code with others.

CodeSecure watermarks your software to make it traceable. Your registered software will not run on any other computers except for the one that it is created on. CodeSecure prevents your software from being passed from one hand to another without you knowing.

CodeSecure processes each of the strings in your software so that they become dependant on CodeSecure and your software. Any alterations will change the output of the strings resulting in an unusable software or even crashing your software.

CodeSecure stops debugging/monitoring software used by crackers, effectively stopping crackers in their tracks. CodeSecure targets software specially made to crack Visual Basic programs. Without them, a cracker is totally helpless. It is time to keep crackers awake while you sleep in peace.

Code-Lock featuring CodeSecure is the advance secure software protection system you have been looking for.

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