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Version 2.35: (30th December 2004)
1) WinXP SP2 compatibility issue solved.

Version 2.34: (5th July 2004)
1) Bug that caused random crashing during registration squashed.
2) Updated some protection routines.
3) Updated help file.

Version 2.32: (11th April 2004)
1) Modified the registration routine.
2) Modified the "Registration Successful" message and program handling.
3) Modified .EndIt.
4) Delphi compatibility added.

Version 2.30: (7th March 2004)
1) Support computers using DBCS format.
2) Function to retrieve the User Data.
3) Support for online keygenerator.
4) More flexible option of using your own GUI for the registration screen.

Version 2.21: (30th Nov 2003)
1) Code-Lock Registration Screen will automatically show the User Name using the name of the registered user for Windows.
2) Another layer of protection added.
3) New way of creating the Registered version once registration is successful.
4) Support for C# applications.
5) Updated to use zlib.dll version 1.2.1.
6) Miscellanous updates.

Version 2.20: (16th Nov 2003)
1) Code-Lock is now fully compatible with .NET programs. If your software is in .NET, it is time to use Code-Lock to protect your software!
2) Sorted out a bug where registered user's program will not start if he does not use .GetString.
3) Function where user can distribute a temporary Registration Code to his users that will expire in 60 days (normal refund period is 30 days). This will prevent his users from using the software for free after purchasing and getting a refund.
4) Code-Lock Keygen.exe accepts commandline option with the ability to create the 60 days limit Registration Code.
5) The Registration Code will be automatically detected and entered into the registration screen. This will save your users some trouble. All they have to do is to copy the Registration Code to the clipboard. 6) Added Feedback to the Parent form when .Register is called.
7) Supports dll and ocx files.
8) Registration Code is automatically copied to Clipboard upon generation.
9) Code enhancement for faster execution.
10) More protections added into the already uncrackable algorithm.
11) Code-Lock Wizard for easy adaptation of your source code to Code-Lock. (Thanks to Jean-Christophe Bize)
12) Code-Lock Create.exe accepts the use of commandline from Code-Lock Wizard.
13) New help file in .chm format.
14) Change in the way the Demo version is replaced if it is the same file name as the Registered version.

Version 2.11: (16th Feb 2002)
1) Ability to blacklist a user, thus making the existing registration code invalid.
2) Hitting "Enter" key during registration will activate the registration without the need of the mouse.

Version 2.10: (15th Dec 2002)
1) Updated "Registration Code" generation routine.
2) Bugs squashed.

Version 2.09: (7th Nov 2002)
1) Bug that causes errors in certain WinXP machines has been solved.

Version 2.08: (1st Oct 2002)
1) Minor update to strengthen the protections.

Version 2.07: (15th Sep 2002)
1) More optimization.
2) Changed the Registration Code format to make it look nicer.
3) Resolved a bug that will cause the GUI to be out of place in computers using BIG fonts.

Version 2.06: (28th Aug 2002)
1) More optimization.
2) More protections.

Version 2.05: (2nd Aug 2002)
1) Bugs solved.
2) More optimization.
3) More protections.
4) Optimized codes for faster start up.

Version 2.04: (23rd July 2002)
1) Bugs solved.
2) Increased speed.
3) More protections.
4) Optimized codes.
5) Demo version of your program can now be of the same name as the full version.

Version 2.03: (16th June 2002)
1) Internal code optimisation with added security.

Version 2.02a: (17th March 2002)
1) Updated zlib.dll (version 1.14) due to security reasons.

Version 2.02: (12th March 2002)
1) Strengthened Code-Lock even further. ;-)
2) Internal code optimisation.

Version 2.01: (19th December 2001)
1) Bugs found and removed.
2) Registration page for registering Code-Lock.

Version 2.00: (30th August 2001)
1) Interface changes.
2) Bugs found and removed.
3) Increased the strength of the protection further.
4) Code-Lock is now demoware.