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"When I first came across Code-Lock, I was a bit worried because my application was written in C# and the website seemed to emphasize how well it worked with VB. However, I received a great deal of personal support that calmed all such fears. With Ryan's help I was able to get Code-Lock working with my application quickly, and Ryan was able to solve any problems that came up later promptly as well.

Like others, I also noticed the claim that Code-Lock had not been cracked, and read that others had tried and failed to find a crack for it. However, I believed that I had a superior source for cracks, and so I did a search of my own. My searches came back empty.

The communication and support from Ryan has been exceptional. I can expect a response to any email within 24 hours, and they usually come much sooner. Ryan has been able to quickly resolve all my problems, and was very helpful in getting Code-Lock set up initially.

I feel very comfortable knowing my software is protected by Code-Lock, and would gladly recommend it to anyone needing to protect their software. Keep up the great work!"

Chris Jones - CupFind Co.
"Once my software started to grow in popularity, I started to see improper distribution on USENET & IRC. Whilst I had user based protection in place I did not have a machine based one. I did some research and came across Code-Lock and a couple other similar offerings. I fired off a couple of queries to all vendors outlining my requirements - asking for thoughts on how their product could help. Only Ryan from ChosenBytes replied with an encouraging response.

My requirements were quite complex and I corresponded with Ryan about 8 times before purchasing Code-Lock. That said, I think after about 3 replies I had made my decision to go with Code-Lock. Ryan's advice on his own product and on protections in general filled me with huge confidence. Ryan knows his onions!

Now I am a Code-Lock user and I have a solid process in place (server side web based key generation etc), I feel relaxed about the many requests for a crack to my software I see daily on the Net. Before it used to terrify me as I knew I would be chasing my tail to try & deal with it."

ASP.Net Key generation. .Net C# WinForm Application

Chris - SVCD2DVD
"I have been using Code-Lock since version V2.11. I was looking for a secure way to protect my software. If you look on the internet, you'll find a lot of software protections, but if you look for cracks for these so-called "protection programs", you'll find them as well. Enough said about those programs.

I found Code-Lock on the internet, and after searching for 6 hours for a crack, I could not find it, and believe me when I say that I searched. What I did find were old requests on cracking bulletin boards asking if someone could crack Code-Lock. And there were either no replies or there were excuses why Code-Lock has not been cracked, although some of them were honest saying that it just could not be cracked.

So I downloaded the evaluation version, and felt that it was too difficult for me to implement. I uninstalled Code-Lock and was brought to a website asking me the reason why I uninstalled it, and I replied that it was too difficult to use and too expensive.

I got a reply from Ryan after that and I got all the help I wanted, so I purchased Code-Lock, Ryan helped me a lot on the implementation of the security features, and gave me a wizard to incorporate Code-Lock automatically into my software. That was the solution, now I'm a user of the newest Code-Lock and it is really secure.

I challenge all the crackers to try to crack my programs, I'm sure they won't succeed. It might be a bit pretentious, but I am a believer and will always use Code-Lock, there is no better way to secure many hours of hard work, and sweat over coding a program. See for yourself, Code-Lock itself has not been cracked since its release, ask the competitors to say the same for their software protections."

Frank Bastiaens - Starf0x Advanced Tools
"I develop software for the CAD/CAM and solid surface fabrication industry. My biggest fear is that people, that I sell my applications to, take it upon themselves to distribute my applications to other individuals in the industry. Before I released my first application I investigated different ways to secure my software.

I decided to use Code-Lock because of 4 main reasons: 1. It has not been cracked to date. 2. Features listed in product description. 3. Cost - especially when comparing to other security methods such as hardware locks. 4. Ease of use as described in product description. After using it for close to a year now, I can say that it has fully lived up to all of my expectations.

There has also been one thing that has totally surpassed any expectations that I had: that being product support. Any and all questions or problems that I had in implementing Code-Lock in my applications were dealt with in fantastic speed. I have spent countless hours doing software support in previous jobs and relying on support to accomplish my tasks. Support for Code-Lock has been second to none. Ryan responded immediately to all of my requests for help and was great in troubleshooting any issues that I had encountered.

To even go one step further (and this one thing blew me away more than anything else) was when the format of my application needed to change due to limitations in products that I rely on, Ryan added new functionality to his product to accommodate my requirements - and did not charge me for the added functionality. My application needed to move from an EXE format to a DLL or OCX format - which at the time was not supported by Code-Lock. Ryan made the necessary changes to Code-Lock so that I could still rely on the security that it provides. I am very happy with my decision to use Code-Lock and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone that is seriously considering how to secure their applications. GREAT JOB RYAN!!!"

Tim Jendro - QuickDraw, LLC
"I have been using Code-Lock since June of 2003 and I am very impressed with the protection offered for my software. I had been searching for protection for quite a few months previously and was using the earlier version of the freeware Activelock, which I must say was very buggy and very easy to crack. I then searched for commercially available protection and once found, carried out a thorough web search for cracks of these programs and all of them had a crack out there, so was immediately put off spending money on so called protection only to find out that my program would be cracked.

While searching for the cracks, I came upon Code-Lock and immediately went to the site to find that up till then, there had been no cracks for this protection. To ease my mind, I began a search using a multitude of search engines and could not find a single crack for Code-Lock.

After numerous emails bouncing back between Ryan and myself, which I must say were answered very promptly and answered all my queries, I decided to buy it. Initial teething problems due to me were soon sorted out by Ryan and I had Code-Lock incorporated into my software in no time at all.

How can it get better? I thought, well now the latest version has a better help file, a wizard to do all the leg work for you and new features which I feel I should have asked for but luckily someone else had.

I feel completely safe that my software is out there being used and up till now I have not found my software on any crack sites, could be due to it not being considered worthy of cracking or more likely they are unable to crack it.

Thanks Ryan for a brilliant protection system that gets better with each release. Money well spent in my mind."

Paul Pywell -
"Code-Lock is, by far, the best secure software protection software available. I spent countless hours researching on the web before choosing your product. Once the research was over, your product was, by far, the best value out there. To top my experience off, the patience you had with my technical questions was invaluable. I never felt as if I could not ask any question I had... and you answered them all promptly, if not immediately. Thanks again, and I look forward to future releases!"

Todd D. Bonnewell - Hitmanmarketing, LLC
"I dreamed of producing software. I had ideas, I found the product and the potential market, I found the people to program the code. Then I found the nightmare: how to protect my work against piracy? How to find the best method to avoid seeing in a crackz site my product's serial number or a keygen for it? How much time and money would it take to create and validate the best protection? Where to find the tool easy enough not to discourage the end-user or distributor, and strong enough to discourage the cracker? And, of course, reach this with minimum investments and (if possible?) with no royalties?

Some day, digging in the internet, I found a tiny piece of dream software: Code-Lock. Thank you from the deep of my heart, Ryan. All my dreams came true, and your latest gift was the time-bombing feature. Keep it on, the world is going for cheap software sold in huge number of copies - so any producer's loss caused by piracy is costly. Hence, the protection problem becomes more and more critical. The future is yours!!"

Octavian Cudalbu
"If it wasn't for Code-Lock, my registered .EXE would be plastered on every forum for free. Code-Lock has allowed me a chance to market my software while preventing piracy."

Brandon Davids - BattleStats CTFE
"We found it easy to use and we do not know of anyone who has cracked it."

Rolly Taber - Electronic Voice Services, Inc.
"I am very satisfied and have no regrets whatsoever with my decision to purchase your protection product!"

Christopher E. Clayton