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Are you losing sales to software pirates?
Stop using your obsolete software protections.

Code-Lock, an advanced, secure software protection system, will stop crackers in their tracks.
Code-Lock, featuring CodeSecure Technology for Visual Basic, C#, VB.NET and Delphi applications, has never been cracked.
It is time to keep crackers awake while you sleep in peace.

Code-Lock has users from around the world including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, UK and US!
See what they think of Code-Lock!

Serial/License file protections
  • The software are, in effect, versions that can be patched to become registered versions.
  • Keygenerators made by crackers can be found for the software and will unlock the programs.
Demo protections
  • Users are allowed to try the demo version of the program.
  • Registered users will have to download a registered version upon registration.
  • A URL might be given to the user or the registered version is sent via email.
  • Vulnerable to being registered by a cracker and then distributed throughout the internet.
  • The registered version will run on any computer.
Wrappers/Encryptors protections
  • All encrypted executables need to be decrypted in memory before they can execute.
  • Cracker can copy the decrypted file from memory.
  • Once "dumped" from memory, the cracker can do whatever he wishes.
  • The file "dumped" might even be a full working program!
Protections that mess up the import table
  • Merely a hindrance to an inexperienced cracker.
  • Crackers have automated tools which will reconstruct the import table!

  • Code-Lock prevents the creation of the registered version without the correct registration code.
  • The registration code is not valid on another computer.
  • The registered version will only run on the registered user's computer.
  • There is no need to download a registered version by the registered user.
  • The registered version is watermarked and can be traced to the registered user.