Supported Platforms

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General steps required for the purchase of Code-Lock:
1) Payment made and ChosenBytes informed.
2) Completion of registration details after payment.
3) Registration details checked by ChosenBytes and confirmed.
4) PayPal Status to be Verified or Non-U.S. - Verified if you are using PayPal. *
5) Custom-made Code-Lock compiled and sent to registered user via special url.
* Step 4 is to ensure that payment is not made via fake credit cards.

To ensure that the anti-piracy software you just bought has not been released to pirates as well, ChosenBytes has to verify all customers. This will significantly reduce the chance of your own software being cracked.

Conditions necessary for purchase of Code-Lock:
1) The buyer must be able to prove his identity.
2) Company email (if any) has to be used for registration of Code-Lock.
3) All correspondence will be via the company email (if any).
4) Status of buyer must be either Verified or Non-U.S. - Verified if you are using PayPal.

All frauds will be reported to Internet Fraud Complaint Center